Will show you how to vet and hire an engineer to build your MVP/startup idea at an affordable rate

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I’m not an engineer and a marketer by nature. I’ve launched projects from ideas to launch and got customers to them.

My websites have handled 10,000 visits/day and managed $1k/day in sign ups through Stripe/paypal.

I ca…

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Will chat with you about SEO

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I’m an SEO Expert having done SEO for many top clients in Sillicon Valley and elsewhere from all kind of sizes. I’ve helped clients rank for many competitive keywords.

I’m happy to go over your site/business and chat wit…

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Will Analyze a Stock You Like Live

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I can help you analyze a stock live to see if you should buy it or not.

I look at:

  • Yahoo Finance Trends
  • Price Trends
  • Seeking Alpha Readings
  • Stocktwits Discussion
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