Will show you how to vet and hire an engineer to build your MVP/startup idea at an affordable rate

Hanson So
Created 2020-05-06T23:27:51.612502+00:00

I’m not an engineer and a marketer by nature. I’ve launched projects from ideas to launch and got customers to them.

My websites have handled 10,000 visits/day and managed $1k/day in sign ups through Stripe/paypal.

I can help provide tips and guidance and chat with you about your idea whether:

-You want to build an idea but not sure if it’s good or not. I will ask you questions to help you think through.

-You are ready to work with a developer to launch your idea, but you don’t want to spend crazy amounts of money.

I will show you how to spend a couple thousands of dollars (sometimes less than $1k if your idea is simple) so you can build a working MVP that accepts payments, so you can test and see users interest.

If you get a lot of customers, you can always refactor the code and make it more scalable with a more experienced engineer.

I’m more entry level but if you need something to get started, this call might help you.

And we can also look at things over screen share too whether it’s your idea or how I use Upwork.

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