Crypto Alerts Subscription

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You will get my first alert immediately which I think has HUGE upside potential, and I’m currently in it too

I’ve been successful in identifying various crypto opportunities early.

I don’t rush and get into every coin possible. I use many criterias to determine if I think a coin has upside potential.

Expect to get a strong alert maybe once a month or once every couple months, but when you do, it’ll make it up for all the subscription cost and a lot more.

I’ll teach you my best recommended strategies for bet/position sizing, my thoughts as I come across charts.

Your subscription gives you access to:
-A paid chat room for crypto from other subscribers
-My alerts (I typically focus on long term holds with good fundamentals, tokenomics)
-Other members alerts & picks
-Support (I will answer any questions you’re stuck on regarding crypto to make sure you can purchase crypto)

Eventually, we plan to add more and more content.

In the works includes:

-Crypto momentum alert (catch the wave, get in, get out, make profits)
-Other things we plan to analyze
-Tutorials to learn more and more about crypto and help you become a better investor/trader.

First new subscribers, I will be giving a discounted price, but I will increase the price to new subscribers after a certain while. Also, feel free to cancel at any time.

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