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Do you need buyer traffic generating blog posts for your business website?
If yes, then you have come to the right place. Writing lots of words to
fill web spaces is one thing. Writing content that generates buyer traffic,
quality leads and sales is a different ball game. Assuming this is what you need,
i might be the best option within your reach.

With over 5 years SEO and content writing experience, i can help to deliver
the type of content or copy you want.

What I Write

  1. B2B blog posts (1000 - 3000 words)
  2. Ebook lead magnets
  3. B2B marketing case studies
  4. Guest posts for link building
  5. Website copy

Some of the niches i have written
SEO, paid search advertising, social media advertising,
lead generation, video marketing, affiliate marketing,
conversion rate optimization, ecommerce, B2B sales etc

If you have any questions, please get in touch now.
Samples are available upon request.

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