[Crypto] Will Help You Set Up Liquidity Farming (20%-1,500%+ APY)

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crypto liquidity farming

Liquidity farming is where you stake a stable coin or other type of coin into a pool of liquidty and get paid in shares from the new crypto platform. You can then sell these new “shares” as profit if you would like.

Recommended capital: $1,000+ USD to start
Risk of losing principle: Low
Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/1606650053727/yearnfinance-yfi-little-known-defi-market-token-surged-10000-in-a-week

Those who participated turned $1,000 into $100,000. Results like that are atypical and rare but if you get involved and learn about the space, there’s possibilities for high rewards if you find the right opportunity.

  • Stable coins are good to stake since you are not exposed to price volatility but yields are lower (fluctuates 20-50%)
  • Other coins can yield as high as 1000% APY

There’s risk by staking other coins but if you believe in them, they’re okay to stake as you were planning to hold them anyways.

The type of transaction fees are:

  • Conversion Risk
  • Currency Risk (Exchanging from USD $ to the stable coin happens at a fix rate but demand can fluctuate it and if you’re using a big balance you’ll see a few % affects)
  • Price Risk of collateral - You have to purchase 2% in collateral of the type of coin you are farming. If this coin goes down in price you are at risk of losing 2%. Because of these crazy yields, your chance of losing money is low since you will make back your money in just one day, and everyday after is profit. Some type of yield farming doesn’t have this type of risk at all.
  • Smart contract risks (less than 0.1%) - It’s possible there may be some unaudited bug. But typically these don’t happen.
  • Gas Costs - Now there’s high demand so gas costs can be $5 and sometimes up to $10-$30 just to make transfers. You’ll need to make a couple transfer to get set up and you have to pay $5-$10 each time to withdraw your earnings.

I paid someone in order to learn all of this since the material is not easily available.

If you purchase this service, I will be available to answer questions about liquidity farming and we can help you find which pool to farm.

Some random screenshot results

This is one of my safe pools I’m using a large amount for:


This is a riskier pool, but I’m just using profits to get this farm started + principle:

This is another farm I have too:

Above are just random screenshots. I’ve been earning a lot from this strategy but I don’t count exactly my total profits or anything since crypto makes it tricky to track. Overall I’m profitable though.

For this service, I will show you how to get started on the less risk, lower yield pools. I will show you opportunities that exist for higher yield, riskier pools as well. I am also available to answer some questions as well.

If you have any questions before ordering feel free to contact me.
If I can’t get you started somewhere, I will refund you.

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