How to drive organic traffic to website using SEO?

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Am building a website for a new company, and want to learn how to drive organic traffic via SEO & Content Marketing.

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for asking your question.

I will write a guide soon and post it up sometime regarding this.

But use a tool like this - Google Keywords Tool or if you have the budget.

  1. Identify keywords your target market is searching
  2. Deploy content onto wordpress. Write optimized titles based on keywords and write at least 3,000 words.
  3. Outreach to other blogs and sites by email, twitter and tell them about your article.
  4. The more people that link to your article and site, the higher you will rank.

You can also put your competitor sites into and examine how they built backlinks.
$99/mo may be pricey but you can try the 14 days free trial.

Good luck,



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